His eyes filled with hunger

Low but piercing 

They scream “I’m hungry” 

We had just finished round two, but he needs more

He lifts up and slowly crawls over my body, like a lion stalking its prey 

Looks me deep in my eyes as his breath is heavy but smooth

We stay like that for a few minutes

Him watching me, deciding his next move 

Me, crippling with fear and excitement.

Slowly he reaches down and kisses my neck…

…my cleavage..


I’m huffing


I moan out loud

He’s at my left side 

I’ve never made that sound before


I cry out

His pupils increase. This is what he was looking for 

“Time to feed”

He nibbles all over 

Sides, hips, legs

I’m shaking 

Trying to fight him off

“Wait, stop I can’t breathe. It’s too much”

*nibbles, bites, graze*

I’ve vulnerable 

Every touch, every taste, every feel

I’m left powerless

Just a loud collection of sensitive nerves begging to be touched 

I’m losing my mind but don’t stop

He’s going to town

Growling at my screams 

“More!” His eyes now read 

He attacks me

I feel my body ready to explode

I don’t understand what’s happening 

I want to fight but it feels so good

Squirming and begging my mind to make sense of this

He holds me in place almost to demand I give him his meal

And within seconds

The place goes white

My body feels drained

He’s won

There’s not a single mark on me


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