Fly On The Wall

That is just so like you

Watching my every move

Keeping to yourself while making note of my steps.

Guess I need to do some more reps

Gotta make sure my mind is well prep

What is your aim?

Lurking in the shadows, reading my Dear John letters

Is this a game?

Said all I needed to say trying to feel better

Wasn’t aware you would hear

Now that you have, what is your purpose dear?

I’ve become a mere vision of my past self

Drugs and scars to build up my stealth

Doubt you want to hear about it.

This princess fell deep into a pit.

Gotta stay high to keep from missing you

Those are my days now

Place yourself in my shoes

Could you keep living like this? If so, teach me how.

Double standards all to live and well

It’s such a pity

Seeking help from all that will listen

So many new memory erasers, I have plenty

There’s Jack, Johnny, Mr. Grey and of course the Captain…Just to name a few

“You must like being miserable” 

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to.

Days go by and my highs balance with my lows

Then those pesky memories keep me on my toes

Testing, testing…one two three

Here lies Mrs. H

Or at least the girl who used to be.


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