Shut Up 

I don’t know why but every time I hear about you and her, it pisses me off. 

I don’t care for what’s happening nor do I want to be involved in it. I don’t want to be your ear and listen to the constant roller coaster you face with her.

It’s got nothing to do with with either of you honestly. You’re ups and down have really been a throne on my side and it’s oh so bothersome that I have to refrain myself from tossing my phone every time it’s brought up.

Why not just block yourself from it? You don’t have to look? 

That’s the weird part about being a friend. I promise to be there in case your world falls apart. I promise to listen to every sorrow, every joy, and every heart shattering thing that you go through, but I mean really this is too much. 


Ha! Whatever it is that you would think I could want, I could have… maybe not from them, but I could have it. It’s honestly like watching someone go back and forth with an abusive ex. One day they are ready to leave, the next they were just going through a rough patch and are fine again. 

Just stop it. 

I care for you, I honestly do. With all of my soul and heart I do, but stop it. I pushing past my limit and it’s getting me to the point where I rather be far away from you and wait for your world to shatter from this illusion your in for good then stick around and hear about the good and bad days. 

You’re wrong. You just don’t understand the situation.

And you know what? I just don’t care to. I want you to be happy, but that doesn’t mean I have to stick around and constantly hear about you chasing false icons that you believe will help you achieve it. 


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