Little One 

**This poem is about a DDLG relationship. DDLG stand for Daddy Dom and Little Girl which is a form of BDSM and is completely a NSFW kink. Please be mindful that this poem is 18+** 

All she needed was her Dom

The one she referred to as “Daddy”

He was her mentor, her protector, her care taker

Not her real father, but was instead her lover

The one she answered and reported to without fail

And boy did he love her

Every night they would cuddle and watch movies together as he would stroke her hair ever so sweetly

When the urges started to build up, he would take her under his possession and he did so with ease, you see

She obeyed his every demand for she knew in return he would spoil her

Give her stuffies to hold and clothes that would make him simply adore her

She was his world as he was hers, such a dream they would say

It would only get better with the naughty games they would play

When he wasn’t bending her over and making her scream

He would watch her be silly and giggle with ease

And when she wasn’t shoving his piece into her speaker

She would watch him play his game with such eager

Their love was more than sex and more than obedience

Nothing was done without consent, which made their lives the easiest

With his guidance and rules, she learned to take good care of herself

And with her joyful presence in his life, he learned to greatful of ones personal wealth

Their love was genuine to the outside world and their own

Together neither of them ever felt alone.

 A sweet little poem about a DDLG relationship. Might put a restriction on this later, but I wanted to write about this because it was in my head. Or maybe I’ll trash it since it wasn’t that great. Meh.


4 thoughts on “Little One 

  1. Glad you left this up!
    And are brave enough to share your journey with the world.
    I keep my writings, and journey, very private.
    Glad every little doesn’t though!


  2. I don’t think it is less meaningful because it is an imagined fantasy/viewpoint instead of a real one! But thank you for the clarity!



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