My Trip to the Cosmos 

There we were, under that light post in front of the park at midnight. We were already so close with your hands holding me close and my arms stretched behind your neck. I was so nervous yet excited to be in your arms. I couldn’t imagine this even if I tried. It all seemed so surreal. You and I with our faces so close. I could hear only my own breathing and nothing of the outside world that was the city. All day we had been fighting to push the boundaries due to the past wounds we have both experienced.

Taking it slow. Moving at the pace that we both felt comfortable with. I didn’t want to do anything you weren’t ready for. ‘Be gentle with him,’ I told myself. Even though I already liked you so much and was used to moving at MY own pace, it was nice to change things up.

Still that didn’t stop us from making contact. I was drawn into you. Yours hands in mine, your arms around my waist, your lips against my cheek and forehead, your fingers massaging my scalp… it made my world stop and my heart race. You felt dangerous like a knife being placed against the skin. I loved it all.

But here in that moment was the Big Bang. Hearing those words with you so close to my ear made me melt inside. Prior to that, you had told me that if were going to kiss you wanted it to be special. You even thanked me for a pleasant evening. And then you said it.

“You can kiss me…”

I wasn’t sure if I should move. Your lips… the lips that gave me life… were so close to mine. I wanted to feel them against mine, but I was afraid. ‘What if this is a test? Is he really ready for me to do so? Am I even ready?’ So many thoughts in my head, but they all stopped when you placed your lips upon mine. It wasn’t until I returned the kiss that things changed.

In that moment as we shared our passion for each other, my spirit seemed to be floating out of me. My soul was being sucked away as you would part our kiss leaving my mouth quivering for more. I could feel our auras combining. Lips softer than cotton, breathe smelling of sweet liquids from the juice from before with hints of the shea butter you used to treat them. I felt as if I was floating off the ground.

You then stopped, took off your glasses, moved your cap to face backwards, placed my face in your hands and proceeded the kiss. I was gone after that. My mind felt lightheaded. This must have been a dream. I couldn’t be kissing my crush right now. This isn’t real. But it was. All too real. You and I were there sharing a moment in time. No it couldn’t have been in time. Hadn’t the world stopped? Or at least slowed down? But alas it had been moving. It was time for Cinderella to return home. She had a curfew to meet before everything would turn back to shatter pieces.

There at the train as we waiting, I wanted to hold you still. Even though we were separated slightly, we were still able to bind our hands together. Sheepish faces, it was clear that even though we were still moving slow, we knew what the other truly felt in their hearts. “I really like you” written all over our faces. Our attraction and vibe beaming around us.

As my train arrived, I gathered my courage to try to be brave. With the way things were between us, I had a feeling that tonight might have been too much for you once you sat and thought about it later. So while the moment was still present, I wanted to take my chance and experience that passion between us one last time for tonight. I took your face in mine and kissed you saying “Goodnight” as I ran off to catch my carriage home.

Although my body left, my spirit was still there at the light post. Once it returned my lips tingled and my grin couldn’t have been wider.

‘So this is love…🎶


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